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Colorado Citizen Observers Job Description



April to September 2023


Observer Roles

You will be representing the League of Women Voters of Larimer County as you meet staff, elected officials, and others who participate in meetings. Disruptions, opinions, and questions are not allowed, though brief questions of clarity about names and acronyms at the end of a meeting may be OK.


You’ll write coherent, nonpartisan notes intended for the public and ready for publication within 48 hours of the assignment. These notes will prioritize key developments and actionable items for affected citizens. Some Observers will use recording equipment such as a cell phone. There will be opportunities to dialog with other Observers and project managers to share and learn.



  • Complete online training.

  • Understand your right to report under the Fair Report Privilege.

  • Adhere to the LWV nonpartisan principles any time you are working in a role for the Observer Program. You cannot show preference for any party, political platform, elected official, or political candidate. This is during hours served and does not prohibit a participant from other civic activities in which you may be involved.

  • Have an interest in and willingness to learn about how governments conduct your business.

  • Have an interest in and willingness to learn about the substantive issues discussed by the governments you observe.

  • Do not engage in personal or partisan agenda while serving as an Observer during a meeting. Observers do not interject comments or questions while attending meetings.

  • Do not testify, lobby, or otherwise speak for LWV, the Observer Program, or program partners at any time.

  • Do not engage directly in public comment sessions while on assignment.

  • Understand and follow any reasonable restrictions on your activity according to Colorado Open Meetings Laws, including those associated with audio and video recording.

  • Be competent enough with Google Docs to enter our system of forms and resources.



If funds are available, you may request a $50 stipend for self-guided training. The amount of time to do this is about 2 hours. Two meetings must be completed to be paid for your training. Completed meeting assignments are paid at $18/hr when funds are available. You will email an invoice to monthly. Checks are mailed monthly. Allow one week to process.


League of Women Voters Membership Option

Observers are strongly encouraged to be and/or become a member of the League of Women Voters of Larimer County (LWVLC), which includes membership in the Colorado level (LWVCO) and national level (LWVUS). Observers are eligible to receive a full scholarship for their membership. The LWVLC reserves the right to terminate this Agreement upon the breach of any term herein.


LWV is not responsible for any purposeful damage or injury to any person or property associated with observing and reporting meetings.

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