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Estes Park Town Board Meeting 04/25/2023

Name of Observer:

Diana Dwyer


  1. New Initiatives for Future Success: Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation –Museum President Eric Adams gave an update on the new mission statement, the transition Board of Directors, Friends Group support and future initiatives. Projects include newspaper digitization, infrastructure improvements, and reopening the gift shop.


  1. Resolution 45-23 Opposing Colorado Senate Bill 23-213 (Land Use Concerning state land use requirements and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation). Town Attorney Kramer gave an update on the status of the bill. Board approved Resolution 45-23 in opposition to the Senate Bill. Mayor Koenig recommended the public looking at the previous meeting videos to learn more about the discussion and opposition to the bill.

  2. Setting a Public Hearing for May 23, 2023 for Ordinance 04-23 (Amending Chapter 14.12 Of The Estes Park Municipal Code To Adopt The 2021 Editions Of International Codes, Including The International Building, Residential, Existing Building, Fuel Gas, Mechanical, Plumbing, Property Maintenance, Energy Conservation, And Swimming Pool And Spa Codes, With Amendments) Director of Community Planning Jessica Garner gave an overview of the department recommendations and answered questions from the board. She introduced Consultant Christine Brinker, Gary Rusu (Estes Park Building Official) and the Estes Park Fire District representative to answer technical questions.

  3. The Department gave the board 4 options to consider and recommended Option 3 which included the adoption of the 2021 Energy Code and the Colorado Model Electric Ready & Solar Ready Codes. The code changes require the addition of outlets and conduits for solar, electric vehicles, air conditioning and sprinkler systems to all new construction. The additions will add approximately $3-5,000 to the average single family home.

  4. The board members asked several questions about the need for sprinkler systems and the costs involved. There were concerns about accidental operation of the sprinklers and the burden on homeowners to add them on to construction costs. They asked the Department representatives to supply the board with additional information on impacts on home insurance, expected costs and statistics on the value of sprinkler systems in homes.

  5. The board approved the May 23, 2023 public hearing date with the option of being able to remove the sprinkler requirements at the meeting if they choose.

Reports and Discussion Items:

1. Estes Park Board Of Trustees Vacancy Letters Of Interest - Town Clerk Jackie Williamson gave an update on the 9 applicants for the position. The board decided to have a public interview on May 9, 2023 to meet with each candidate. Ms. Williamson will send out a list of questions to the board for consideration.

2. Estes Transit Branding Process & Recommendations - Manager Vanessa Solesbee and consultant Ryan Burke gave an update on the drafted Brand Discovery Report, the proposed new transit name “The Peak”, and showed the design concepts for vehicle wraps. The design incorporates colors and the names of animals for each route (Blue for Bluebird, Brown for Elk, Gold for Mountain Lion, Red for Fox, and Silver for Trout). The board approved the new look and commended the committee on how they developed the brand with public input. The new transit plan will include electronic route tracking in the future.

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