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Fort Collins Economic Advisory Board 6/21/2023

Fort Collins Economic Advisory Board Regular Meeting

Observer name: Matthew Liberati

Agency: City of Fort Collins

Date & Meeting time: 6/21/23 @4:00 PM

Members Present: Renee Walkup (Chair) John Parks (Vice Chair) Denny Coleman, Mike Colwell, Thierry Dossou, Erin Gray, Mistene Nugent, Braulio Rojas, Richard Waal

Guest: SeonAh Kendall City of Fort Collins Director of Economic Health

Relevant document links (agenda, meeting packet):


Economic Health Office Presentation- SeonAh Kendall

Split into 2 groups

  • Larger businesses for business retention

  • Smaller businesses restaurants/mom and pops

  • Board has the power to make recommendations

  • Chips Zone, 11 Semiconductor manufacturers

  • Her office is sharing memos that go to city council with the board

General Comment

  • Question why are people on the board some feel frustration about what is being done presentations are given and they are already done.

SeonAh: Ways to interact

  • Minimum Wage

  • Sustainable Funding

Board and city staff need to work together to share information and input

Minimum Wage and Economic Health Office inputs

  • Analyzed Data

  • Did not make official recommendation

Board has not been very proactive on issues

Land Use Code Phase 2 Commercial and Industrial opportunity to comment

Board uses the 6 month calendar to figure out engagement

SeonAh will share more detailed calendar with Renee (Chair)

For a topic discussion, memos should be given to council a week before first reading at council.

East Mulberry first reading will occur in September

The Board has been more reactive on SeonAh’s office relaying information. There is a desire to be more proactive which requires individual engagement.

Board is interested in monthly planning meetings and vice chair is open to having someone else participate in those meetings

Discussions about when to have the next board election

New Council Priorities will occur in January 2024

Board should be the eyes and ears of the community

Economic Health owns these council priorities

  • Circular Economy and Economic Health Strategic Plan

  • Workforce Development with Poudre School District

How can the board get councils attention

  • Speak during public comment at council meetings

  • Attend council listening sessions

  • Engage with finance committee

  • Engage with council liaison

Fort Collins Business Attraction Discussion

  • Focus on Manufacturing and Bio and Life Science

  • Fort Collins focused more on connections vs incentives

  • Fort Collins has additional rules and regulations

  • Is there data for businesses that are coming or not coming to Fort Collins?

  • Current discussions workforce retention and affordable/attainable housing

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion and employee belonging

City manager and economic health office meet once a month for an hour

Request for new member intro guide and points of contact for the board

Regional Health Economic Initiative

Engage with city council liaison and participate in super issue meetings

Request for hyperlinks to specific board items

Request for more frequent communication

Internal Board Discussion about being more effective

  • Select 3-5 priorities to focus on from 31 council priorities

  • Develop relationships with council and city staff


  • Economic Health Office Strategic Plan discussion at July 12 (New Date) Meeting

  • Board Elections will happen in September and position descriptions will be provided

Follow-Up Questions

  • Specifically, how will board members be more proactive and engaging?

  • Who is going to develop a new member guide?

  • How will the board engage to encourage companies to come to Fort Collins or the general Northern Colorado region?

  • How will the board decide what to focus on specifically (Discussion around voting on council priorities but no final outcome)

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