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Larimer County Board of County Commissioners - Administrative Matters 1/2/23

by Lee Thielen

For more information (including members in attendance) see the full notes document here.*

View the meeting agenda and packet.

From the Larimer Board of County Commissioners website: Larimer's three-member Board of County Commissioners is the main policy-making body in the County and works to represent the interest of the citizens of Larimer County at local, state, and national levels. Commissioners are elected at large from one of three geographic districts for four-year staggered terms. In Larimer County, Commissioners are limited to serving three four-year terms.

The meeting was opened at 9:02 a.m. by Chair Pro-tem Commissioner Kefalas 

with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

One person phoned in for Public Comment. The caller stated that a disaster is brewing with the mill levy and the reassessment windfall. He stated that the normal increase would have been 5.63%, but this year’s will be much higher. He said the present windfall is $30.5 million and if retained, that would impact all future years. He stated that 150 emails have been sent to the commission to express concern on this issue.  

Public comment was closed after the 3-minute call. Commissioner Stephens stated that the numbers cited were not correct. County Manager Volker stated that the budget manager would call the citizen caller to discuss the correct information. Commissioner Kefalas stated that on Jan. 4 there will be a community meeting in Wellington, and the budget staff will be present to discuss this issue. 

The Board reorganizes for 2024

Commissioner Kefalas was elected Board Chair. Commissioner Stephens was elected Chair Pro-tem. Commissioner Stephens noted the excellent work as Chair by Commissioner Shadduck-McNally (who was absent).

The Commissioners voted that Commissioner Kefalas would be the person responsible for receiving and reviewing Problem Solving Requests for the County Manager and the County Attorney, since they report directly to the Commissioners. 

The minutes from the last Administrative Matters were approved as presented. 

The consent agenda was approved as presented. Commissioner Kefalas noted several items in the consent agenda:

  • A contract in the consent agenda with SummitStone Health Partners to provide behavioral health care services for uninsured and underinsured residents of Larimer County with a focus on individuals in the competency process

  • Jail reentry case management services

  • Mental health evaluations for Juvenile Court and Community Justice Alternatives. TERM: January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024 

  • An agreement with the Rocky Mountain Bird Conservancy to conduct grassland birds monitoring in open spaces

  • An equipment maintenance contract 

  • An agreement with Matthews House to provide vouchers and case management services to eligible youth in the community.

Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI) proxies were made for the board of commissioners. The legislative priority for Larimer County is raising conservation easements to $75 million limits. 

Commissioner Kefalas noted that the county has over 30 boards and advisory groups to which citizens are appointed or chosen. The Board will keep the same liaison roles in 2024 that they have held.

There was no County Manager report as the Manager was on holiday leave since the last meeting.

Commissioner Reports

Commissioner Stephens said she volunteered with her son to serve Christmas meals at the Rescue Mission. She noted that it highlighted for her the need for a new facility. People had to eat in shifts due to the limited space. She also helped with gift selections at the Crossroads Safe House – a facility for those experiencing domestic violence. Commissioner Kefalas met with the Medical Officer at the Longview Campus. He took a tour and met peer support staff who are part of the staff team. He also noted the Northern Colorado International Hour of Peace.

At 9:45 a.m. the Commissioners went into Executive Session to discuss real estate negotiations. At 10 a.m. they voted to authorize Jennifer Johnson and Ken Cooper to proceed with negotiations on 224 Canyon Avenue, Unit 120. 

At 10:06 a.m. the meeting was adjourned.

Next Meeting: January 9, 2024 on video or at 201 Laporte Ave., Ste. 2200, Fort Collins CO 80521

*Citizen Observers further the commitment of the League of Women Voters to its principle of Citizens Right to Know, however, we are not acting as journalists. Omissions and errors are possible. It is assumed that users of this information are responsible for their own fact-checking. This could include contacting a government clerk, conversing with an elected official or staff, and/or asking us to speak to the Observer who attended.

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