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North Front Range Transportation and Air Quality Planning Council Meeting 10/05/23

by Matthew Liberati

Agency descriptor from The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization website: The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization covers 15 local governments in Northern Colorado. Each participating local government chooses an elected official to serve as its representative on the Planning Council. In addition, there is a representative from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Air Pollution Control Division and the Transportation Commission of Colorado. The Council allows local officials to respond more effectively to regional and state transportation and transportation-related air quality issues and needs. (Source

The Executive Committee has three members: the Chair, Vice Chair, and Past Chair. The Executive Committee is responsible for direct guidance to the Executive Director, sets agendas, and speaks for the entire Planning Council on specific issues/direction with consensus from the Council.

Meeting Summary*

Fort Collins and Larimer County reps decline to sign letter drafted to EPA

The group discussed a draft of a letter to the EPA requesting a conversation about background ozone and non-locally controlled emissions. The region keeps missing ozone targets and there is a suggestion that it is in large part due to ozone from outside the area, therefore beyond the control of regional governments.

Commissioner Stephens of Larimer County stated she does not support the letter due to negative health impacts from higher ozone and her concerns about taking less of a focus on meeting lower standards. She does support a conversation with the EPA. Also, she said Larimer County would not write a separate letter of support. Mallo, Vice Chair from Loveland, asked if there was any way to modify the letter to get Stephens support. Stephens stated having a conversation with EPA is fine, but she thinks there should be a strong continued focus on reducing emissions. Canonico, Council Member from Fort Collins, agreed with Stephens and stated Fort Collins would also not write a separate letter in support or sign the letter. Transportation Commissioner Kelly said he is frustrated that you can’t have realistic ozone emission conversations with an unreachable goal.

A unanimous motion was made that all jurisdictions besides Larimer County and Fort Collins will support the letter (Milliken, Evans, Loveland, Greeley, Berthoud, Eaton, Garden City, Windsor, Johnstown, LaSalle, Severance, Timnath).

Other items focused on transportation

Fort Collins is working on incentives for VanGo (van carpooling) participation.

I-25 tolling equipment will be tested in the winter and tolling will start in the Spring.

Stephens mentioned Bustang, the bus that goes between Fort Collins and Denver, has had routes randomly canceled, leaving people stranded. Other members agreed this is a problem. Colorado Department of Transportation will be asked about the issue and requested to present at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 2, 2023 @ 6:00 p.m., LaSalle Town Hall

​Agency Website:

Date & Meeting Time:

Nov. 2, 2023; 6:00 PM

Members Present:

Vice Chair Jon Mallo, Paul Rennemeyer, Liz Heid, Tricia Canonico, Kristin Stephens, Johnny Olson, Jim Kelly

Members Absent:

Chair Scott James

Others Present to Note:


*Citizen Observers further the commitment of the League of Women Voters to its principle of Citizens Right to Know, however, we are not acting as journalists. Omissions and errors are possible. It is assumed that users of this information are responsible for their own fact-checking. This could include contacting a government clerk, conversing with an elected official or staff, and/or asking us to speak to the Observer who attended.

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