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Wellington Board of Trustees 04/25/2023

Name of Observer

Nanci Wendland

Members Present

Trustees – Jon Gaiter, Rebekka Daily, Brian Mason, Shirrell Tietz, David Weigand: Mayor ProTem – Ashley Macdonald: Mayor – Calar Chaussee

Others Present (e.g., media, public, agency)

Two (2) city residents; Troy Hamman, Chairman, Wellington Chamber of Commerce; Hallie Sheldon, Sr. Management Analyst; Ethan Muhs, Town Clerk; Charity Campfield, Town Finance Director; Meagan Smith, Deputy Director of Public Works

Meeting Summary

  • Reviewing the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan for the town of Wellington was the highlight of the meeting. All board members seemed to agree with the updates presented and timelines. This plan originated in April of 2022 after the election of a new Board of Trustees. The original 1st draft and a draft summary are attached.

  • Fiscal Responsibility and spending are always a concern for town residents. Wellington currently seems to be applying for and using Grants to fund most projects instead of increasing taxes on such things as sales, lodging, and marijuana. Examples are below:

  • The town has applied for a $100K CSORG grant to fund parks, recreation, trails, and open space projects.

  • Wellington has already received a $52K grant from the Dept. of Local Affairs for the housing needs assessment.

  • The town is auditing compliance and execution on a previously received grant of $5.6 mil.

  • The stormwater project was completed using a grant from the State of Colorado.

  • A cemetery needs assessment has been put on hold pending application for grant funding.

  • Infrastructure in Wellington including high water rates & conservation, along with road conditions, continues to be an issue for all residents.

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